September 16 - Job 33.1-33

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Job 33 And now, Job, listen carefully
to all that I have to say.
2I am ready to say what's on my mind.
3All my words are sincere,
and I am speaking the truth.
4God's spirit made me and gave me life.

5Answer me if you can. Prepare your arguments.
6You and I are the same in God's sight,
both of us were formed from clay.
7So you have no reason to fear me;
I will not overpower you.

8Now this is what I heard you say:
9"I am not guilty; I have done nothing wrong.
I am innocent and free from sin.
10But God finds excuses for attacking me
and treats me like an enemy.
11He binds chains on my feet;
he watches every move I make."

12But I tell you, Job, you are wrong.
God is greater than any human being.
13Why do you accuse God
of never answering our complaints?
14Although God speaks again and again,
no one pays attention to what he says.
15At night when people are asleep,
God speaks in dreams and visions.
16He makes them listen to what he says,
and they are frightened at his warnings.
17God speaks to make them stop their sinning
and to save them from becoming proud.
18He will not let them be destroyed;
he saves them from death itself.
19God corrects us by sending sickness
and filling our bodies with pain.
20Those who are sick lose their appetites,
and even the finest food looks revolting.
21Their bodies waste away to nothing;
you can see all their bones;
22 they are about to go to the world of the dead.

23Perhaps an angel may come to their aid--
one of God's thousands of angels,
who remind us of our duty.
24In mercy the angel Till say, "Release them!
They are not to go down to the world of the dead.
Here is the ransom to set them free."
25Their bodies will grow young and strong again;
26 when they pray, God will answer;
they will worship God with joy;
God will set things right for them again.
27Each one will say in public, "I have sinned.
I have not done right, but God spared me.
28He kept me from going to the world of the dead,
and I am still alive."

29God does all this again and again;
30 each one saves a person's life,
and gives him the joy of living.

31Now, Job, listen to what I am saying;
be quiet and let me speak.
32But if you have something to say, let me hear it;
I would gladly admit you are in the right.
33But if not, be quiet and listen to me,
and I will teach you how to be wise.

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Old Testament copyright © American Bible Society, 1976, 1992; New Testament © American Bible Society, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1992.

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