December 5 - Micah 5.2-6

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2Bethlehem Ephrath, you are one of the smallest towns
in the nation of Judah.
But the LORD will choose one of your people
to rule the nation--
someone whose family goes back to ancient times.
3The LORD will abandon Israel only until this ruler is born,
and the rest of his family returns to Israel.
4Like a shepherd taking care of his sheep,
this ruler will lead and care for his people
by the power and glorious name of the LORD his God.
His people will live securely,
and the whole earth will know his true greatness,
5because he will bring peace.

Assyria Will Be Defeated

Let Assyria attack our country and our palaces.
We will counterattack, led by a number of rulers
6whose strong army will defeat the nation of Assyria.
Yes, our leaders will rescue us,
if those Assyrians dare to invade our land.

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