September 20 - Job 36.1-16

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Elihu Continues

Be Patient a While Longer

Job 36 Elihu said:
2Be patient a while longer;
I have something else to say in God's defense.
3God always does right--
and this knowledge comes straight from God.
4You can rest assured that what I say is true.
5Although God is mighty, he cares about everyone
and makes fair decisions.

6The wicked are cut down,
and those who are wronged receive justice.
7God watches over good people and places them
in positions of power and honor forever.
8But when people are prisoners of suffering and pain,
*9God points out their sin and their pride,
10then he warns them to turn back to him.
11And if they obey, they will be successful
and happy from then on.
12But if they foolishly refuse, they will be rewarded
with a violent death.

Godless People Are Too Angry

13Godless people are too angry
to ask God for help when he punishes them.
14So they die young in shameful disgrace.
15Hard times and trouble
are God's way of getting our attention!
16And at this very moment,
God deeply desires to lead you from trouble
and to spread your table with your favorite food.

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